SilverChem was incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Act, 1998 as a private limited company. We were subsequently converted into a public limited company.

SilverChem is principally involved in the manufacturing and trading of material and value-added products, focusing on oil & gas industry. We are also a manufacturer and distributor of our own brands of petrochemical finished products.


1998: Beginning of Silver Chem Group

2000: Registering the first Joint Venture facility in Turkey

2003: Initiate R&D facility in ME

2005: Separation of Mechanical and Process equipment solutions department

2010: Achieving 25 million USD revenue in Mechanical, Piping, control equipment’s in 5 Years

2012: Establishment of Oil Refining and drilling equipment’s production line

2014: Participation in equipment’s Supply for one of the biggest Oil Field Development in ME

2015: Entering to the field of international procurement of Naphtha Products

2016: Collaboration on Joint manufacturing of new generation of Flame Retardants in China

2016/2017: Running a production line for Sulfur recovery catalysts in China

2019: Initiation of Organic Peroxide Supplying 

2020: Developing new Antioxidant solutions for PP/PE end-use industries

2021: Establishment of a new department for Specialty Chemicals and Catalysts

2021: Alliance with the Biggest factories in China for Pharmaceutical grades of raw materials distribution


SilverChem is one of leading Joint Manufacturer and supplier of Chemical and Catalyst Since 1998 in China. SilverChem Group including Silver Road Industrial Trading and HK SilverChem Company as the Parent of a group of companies and factories in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical/ Power Plants/ Metallurgical/ Pharmaceutical/ Agricultural fields, has begun in 1998 in order to provide new solutions and high-quality raw material and catalyst.

Until now, SilverChem has procured over 8000 tonnes of commodities worldwide.



India: Oil Refining Equipment and Catalyst Factory

India: WAX and PE WAX Factory

Turkey: Sales company Office for CIS and eastern Europe

ME: Regional Sales and Distribution Office

HK: Main Office of SilverChem

China: 5 different facilities including the Main Sales Coordinating Office based in Shandong and Flame Retardant production line/Catalyst and sulfur recovery plant/Peroxide production/ cosmetic Raw material plant


To be the pioneering leader in manufacturing of eco-friendly materials and products, mattresses products and focusing on value optimization for all generations.


Silver Chem Co. is founding a culture of supply high quality raw materials in order to reducing pollutions from fossil fuels. We believe all companies and factories and traders have a duty to consider and invest on all potentials for replacing fossil fuel in order to expanding green energy for future generations.